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Pat O’Dowd® Test Prep Seminars+1 949-940-0405100 Spectrum Center Dr, 92618
Center for Balanced Development+1 949-302-223814252 Culver Dr Suite A335, 92604
Bit Scouts+1 657-232-13211691 Kettering St, 92614
Susan Grossi & Associates, Inc.+1 888-246-003917100 Gillette Ave, 92614
Leap Education+1 949-874-617817322 Murphy Ave, 92614
Academic Guidance Services+1 949-833-944417870 Sky Park Cir, 92614
Technoprep Consulting+1 949-216-772017901 Von Karman Ave # 600, 92614
Modus Prep+1 949-502-339418 Truman St # 102, 92620
Ascend Prep & Consulting+1 949-910-364018 Truman St ste 201, 92620
Bytes & Bots+1 949-237-288418021 Cowan, 92614
Premiere Prep Inc.+1 949-217-182418191 Von Karman Ave # 1028, 92612
Noble Associates+1 949-852-020618300 Von Karman Ave, 92612
American Education Elites LLC+1 626-265-438718575 Jamboree Rd #6, 92612
American Education Elites LLC+1 626-234-221118575 Jamboree Rd, 92612
Collegewise+1 949-417-129918881 Von Karman Ave #225, 92612
EduSolution Guide+1 424-757-308319 Bear Paw #18B, 92604
Golden Gate USA+1 248-574-158019800 MacArthur Blvd Suite 358, 92612
Mathemativity Learning Sciences+1 949-214-4816200 Spectrum Center Dr F3, 92618
Edvanced Learning Academy+1 657-214-0736200 Spectrum Center Dr STE 300, 92618
Golden Gate Study Abroad+1 248-574-1580200 Spectrum, 92618
EduPlus Counselor LLC+1 949-333-20552082 Business Center Dr # 170, 92612
Inquarta+1 949-863-93252101 Business Center Dr, 92612
North Star Educational Services+1 949-726-19982102 Business Center Dr, 92612
Skoolville+1 949-416-8977220 Technology Dr Ste 220, 92618
The Autism Community In Action+1 855-726-78102222 Martin Street #140, 92612
Phemia+1 949-413-22632575 McCabe Way #210, 92614
FLEX College Prep+1 949-288-26622860 Michelle Dr Suite 220, 92606
Transformational Learning Opportunities+1 310-567-2794307 Esplanade, 92612
Elevation Education Solutions, LLC+1 657-333-20533493 Irvine Blvd Suite 315, 92602
Ivy Focus+1 949-838-42264010 Barranca Pkwy #205, 92620
AXG+1 310-622-27334199 Campus Dr STE550 #46, 92612
Dutton & Haig Educational Consulting+1 949-278-16274199 Campus Dr Suite 550, 92612
The Center for Educational Partnerships+1 949-824-7482420 Social Science Tower, 92697
NUS Network+1 949-379-063144 Shooting Star, 92604
SmartStart Evaluation and Research+1 949-396-60534482 Barranca Pkwy #220, 92604
College Consulting+1 949-236-71404800 Irvine Blvd, 92620
Eagle Education Intl Corp+1 949-662-887849 Streamwood, 92620
Lindero Learning Center+1 949-788-11195 Corporate Park #110, 92606
CFEP+1 949-824-74825171 California Ave #150, 92697
Helping Hand Advocacy+1 949-396-7803530 Technology Dr Suite 100, 92618
The College Blueprint, LLC+1 949-856-1221530 Technology Dr, 92618
MentorX+1 888-872-5134530 Technology Dr, 92618
I Dream Academy+1 949-668-30365440 Trabuco Rd A5, 92620
RU education Inc+1 949-892-68226 Lilac, 92618
The Society for Financial Awareness+1 949-590-99406 Venture Suite 390, 92618
IvyMax – Irvine Learning Center+1 949-679-8688610 Roosevelt, 92620
Sapient Academy+1 949-910-5366720 Roosevelt 1st Floor, 92620
Southern California Educational Assessment+1 949-212-72747545 Irvine Center Dr #200, 92618
Lizard Education College Counseling Center+1 949-833-77067700 Irvine Center Dr #800, 92618
Educators With A Vision+1 949-833-77067700 Irvine Center Dr, 92618
The College Counseling Specialist+1 949-371-97708 Corporate Park, 92606
3HOM international services+1 714-306-4912811 Cantor, 92620
Masterprep Academy+1 949-336-6646830 Roosevelt Suite 100, 92620
Admission Masters+1 949-471-0888880 Roosevelt, 92620
JP Academy & Consulting+1 714-606-3348930 Roosevelt #227, 92620
Molecules and Numbers+1 949-725-29614199 Campus Dr, 92612

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Essay FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What are Essay, Research Paper, Dissertation and Other Types of Paper?

Academic writing takes many forms. This article will describe the numerous types of academic writing you are likely to encounter as a student; everything from the classic argumentative essay to a comprehensive dissertation.


A general essay is a paper written for academic purposes. Essays generally take on one subject and offer a variety of evidence to support a main idea. As young learners, you may recall the classic five-paragraph essay consisting of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Argumentative Essay -

This type of essay is a classic. Almost every student will encounter this genre at some point in their academic career. The argumentative essay asks the writer to provide an argument and convince their readers why it is correct. The writer must research their topic and use their research in order to build a strong argument in order to convince the reader. The topic of this essay can be about anything as long as there's an argument to be made. The following are examples of interesting argumentative essay topics:

  • Should higher education be free for everyone?
  • Should the U.S. adopt a universal healthcare system?
  • Do anti-abortion laws decrease the amount of abortions?

Definition Essay -

A definition essay, as you may have guessed, is an essay that informs the reader about a specific idea, term, or concept. For this type of essay, you want to pick an interesting topic that your audience is not familiar with. No reader will be excited to read an essay on the definition of spinach. After you’ve chosen a topic for your definition essay, you need to research the topic extensively. You can begin your definition essay with a dictionary definition of the topic, but the goal of the paper is to further discuss the definition in an interesting way.

Descriptive Essay -

This essay requires writers to use sensory details in order to describe an event, person, place, thing, or idea. To write a successful descriptive essay, the writer needs to do more than just tell the reader what something is —the writer must use vivid details to create a picture in the reader’s mind. Writers often choose a topic which they have experienced themselves for a descriptive essay; it is helpful to have some real experience to use as you write this kind of essay. Descriptive essays must include lots of details about the characteristics of a topic.

Choice Essay -

A choice essay is a piece of writing that requires the writer to come to a final decision in the conclusion. For example, a highschool student might write a choice essay to decide which college to attend. Begin the essay by introducing the dilemma and the options. Continue on by writing about the pros and cons of each possible decision. By the time you are writing the conclusion, you should be able to make a choice based on the evaluation of each possibility. Not only are these essays great for personal growth, they help us learn to consider the potential advantages and disadvantages to our actions.

Classification Essay -

The classification essay is a piece of writing that classifies information into appropriate categories. The writer must begin by looking at a set of data or a compilation of research. Then, the writer must define all aspects of the data and group individual topics together. For each category, the writer must define what criteria must be met in order to be classified as such. This type of essay is very detail-oriented and time consuming but it will really demonstrate your strength as a writer and researcher.

Compare and Contrast Essay -

Like the argumentative essay, this is another classic. Compare and contrast essays take two ideas, topics, or concepts, and discuss their similarities and differences. Students frequently complete a Venn Diagram chart in order to prepare for this type of essay. The introduction should introduce both topics, the body paragraphs will go into the details of each, and the conclusion paragraph will summarize the main points. Here are some examples of compare and contrast essays:

  • Apple v Samsung
  • Online learning v face-to-face learning
  • Monarchy v Democracy
  • Plastic products v paper products
  • Community college v University

Evaluation Essay -

An evaluation essay uses a set of criteria to evaluate a topic. The writer must first choose the topic, set a list of criteria, and then write about how the topic does or does not meet the criteria set. At the end of the essay, the writer should give an overall evaluation of the topic. Based on the overall evaluation, the writer may also provide a recommendation about the topic. For example, a writer might select the topic of electric cars and write about what criteria makes a valuable car and how electric cars do or do not meet that criteria.

Expository Essay (or Explanation Essay) -

Expository essays, also referred to as explanation essays, is a type of essay that explores a topic and explains it to readers. This isn’t as simple as it may sound. This essay requires writers to do a great deal of research to fully understand their topic. When writing the essay, the writer should assume that the readers know nothing of this topic, therefore, every aspect of the topic must be defined thoroughly. The goal of this essay is to exhaustively inform readers about a topic and provide evidence from additional sources to support the writer’s claims.

Sequence Essay -

This type of essay follows a chronological order of events. It is common to use a sequence essay when writing about complex events such as wars, industrialization, and climate change. The writer must choose a topic that can be broken down into sequential events. The introduction paragraph is used to introduce the topic and its significance while the body paragraphs follow the order of events that are involved in the main event.

Narrative Essay -

Think of a narrative essay as a story; because it’s exactly that. There should be a main climax to the story, supporting characters, dialogue, and a conclusion. Strong narrative essays grab the reader’s attention and use vivid descriptions to help the reader imagine the story in their mind. At the end of the narrative essay, the main character should change in some way. There should be an overall theme that is present throughout the essay and a lesson to take away at the end.

Research Paper -

A research paper is used to summarize a great deal of research and the conclusions that you found by conducting the research. General elements of a research paper include an abstract, literature review, methods, results, discussion section, and a bibliography. Research papers can be as broad or comprehensive as your research allows. A very important aspect of research papers is correct citing of sources. Your institution may prefer MLA formatting or APA formatting, so you should verify with your instructor which type of formatting is required.

Coursework -

A coursework paper is a type of review. This is an opportunity for you to write about what you learned over the course of a semester and to demonstrate your new knowledge. A coursework paper might include the topics you covered in class, any and all research you conducted, and any further questions you have. In the conclusion paragraph, it is recommended to write about how the coursework you did will impact your future.

Case Study -

This is a commonly used genre of writing in universities. A case study involves looking at a well-documented situation and writing about your observations. This is a popular method in school because it requires students to look at real-life examples of a specific topic. Rather than just telling students about a topic, the teacher will ask the students to study a life event and write about what happened, why it happened, what we can learn from it, and how it applies to other topics of interest.

Critical thinking / Review -

A critical thinking paper, also called a review, is used to closely examine a topic. Students may choose to review a piece of literature or an event that happened. A good review looks at a topic from multiple angles and offers an interesting point of view. Students can write reviews of a poem, a protest, or an advertisement.

Dissertation / Thesis -

These types of papers are written during graduate studies at university. In order to graduate with a master’s degree, students must publish a thesis paper at the end of their program. Students will need to publish a dissertation in order to receive a Ph.D. Both the thesis and dissertation require a rigorous amount of planning, research, and writing. For both papers, students will work with a committee of professors or admission counselors to help them with their research and the publishing process. The thesis and dissertation paper are used as a way to demonstrate what the student has researched during their studies.

Presentation or Speech -

You might think that speeches and presentations don’t require much writing, however, they actually involve quite a lot of writing. Students prepare for presentations and speeches by picking a topic, researching the topic, and writing about it. Once the writing is complete, the student will verbally present the information by giving a speech or the student may choose to use media in order to give a presentation. Presentations may be given on YouTube or PowerPoint and they often include images, data charts, and voice clips.

Article Review -

An article review is a genre of writing that reviews a published article. Students will read many articles during their studies and often they will be asked to write a review. The review should include information about the author of the article, the topic of the article, and the strengths and weaknesses of the article. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about writing via reading. As students read the article they will notice qualities of good and bad writing. The review should be interesting and offer an alternative perspective to the author’s.

Research Proposal -

Before students can embark on a large research project, they may need to submit a research proposal to their professor or program committee. If writing a dissertation or thesis paper, one of the first steps is to have your research proposal approved. The research proposal should include information about the topic you wish to research, why it is an important topic, and what sources of information you will use to collect data on the topic.

Homework Assignments -

Students do a lot of work in class but they also have to do work at home. Any assignment you do at home is considered ‘homework’. Homework can be extensive like writing a report, or it can be brief like interviewing a parent. Generally, students can expect to be assigned around one hour of homework per school night. Some schools assign more homework over the weekend as well.

Discussion Board Post (DBP) -

With so many schools embracing online learning, discussion board posts (DBPs) have become common assignments for students. DBPs usually require students to read or watch some content and then write a response to the new information on an online platform. The platform is used by all students in the class so that classmates can respond to each other’s posts. DBPs are a great way to create class discussions even when students can’t learn in the same room as each other.

Lab Report -

After conducting a lab experiment, students will often be asked to complete a lab report. The lab report is a review of the experiment and the results. Students must write about the purpose of the lab, the steps that were involved in conducting the experiment, any challenges they encountered, the results, and a discussion of the implications of the lab. A lab report should include important data sets, charts, and images that help the reader understand the results.

Academic writing can be intimidating, but now that you’ve read our comprehensive guide on academic writing, you’re ready for any genre of essay or writing that comes your way!

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