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•  Absarokee•  Acton•  Alberton•  Alder
•  Alzada•  Anaconda•  Angela•  Antelope
•  Arlee•  Ashland•  Augusta•  Avon
•  Babb•  Bainville•  Baker•  Ballantine
•  Basin•  Bearcreek•  Belfry•  Belgrade
•  Belt•  Biddle•  Big Arm•  Big Sandy
•  Big Sky•  Big Timber•  Bigfork•  Bighorn
•  Billings•  Birney•  Black Eagle•  Bloomfield
•  Bonner•  Boulder•  Box Elder•  Boyd
•  Boyes•  Bozeman•  Brady•  Bridger
•  Broadus•  Broadview•  Brockton•  Brockway
•  Browning•  Brusett•  Buffalo•  Busby
•  Butte•  Bynum•  Cameron•  Canyon Creek
•  Capitol•  Cardwell•  Carter•  Cascade
•  Charlo•  Chester•  Chinook•  Choteau
•  Circle•  Clancy•  Clinton•  Clyde Park
•  Coffee Creek•  Cohagen•  Colstrip•  Columbia Falls
•  Columbus•  Condon•  Conner•  Conrad
•  Cooke City•  Coram•  Corvallis•  Crane
•  Crow Agency•  Culbertson•  Custer•  Cut Bank
•  Dagmar•  Darby•  Dayton•  De Borgia
•  Decker•  Deer Lodge•  Dell•  Denton
•  Dillon•  Divide•  Dixon•  Dodson
•  Drummond•  Dupuyer•  Dutton•  East Glacier Park
•  East Helena•  Edgar•  Ekalaka•  Elliston
•  Elmo•  Emigrant•  Ennis•  Essex
•  Ethridge•  Eureka•  Fairfield•  Fairview
•  Fallon•  Fishtail•  Flaxville•  Florence
•  Floweree•  Forest Grove•  Forsyth•  Fort Benton
•  Fort Harrison•  Fort Peck•  Fort Shaw•  Fortine
•  Frazer•  Frenchtown•  Froid•  Fromberg
•  Galata•  Gallatin Gateway•  Gardiner•  Garrison
•  Garryowen•  Geraldine•  Geyser•  Gildford
•  Glasgow•  Glen•  Glendive•  Glentana
•  Gold Creek•  Grantsdale•  Grass Range•  Great Falls
•  Greycliff•  Hall•  Hamilton•  Hammond
•  Hardin•  Harlem•  Harlowton•  Harrison
•  Hathaway•  Haugan•  Havre•  Hays
•  Heart Butte•  Helena•  Helmville•  Heron
•  Highwood•  Hilger•  Hingham•  Hinsdale
•  Hobson•  Hogeland•  Homestead•  Hot Springs
•  Hungry Horse•  Huntley•  Huson•  Hysham
•  Ingomar•  Inverness•  Ismay•  Jackson
•  Jefferson City•  Joliet•  Joplin•  Jordan
•  Judith Gap•  Kalispell•  Kevin•  Kila
•  Kinsey•  Kremlin•  Lake Mc Donald•  Lakeside
•  Lambert•  Lame Deer•  Larslan•  Laurel
•  Lavina•  Ledger•  Lewistown•  Libby
•  Lima•  Lincoln•  Lindsay•  Livingston
•  Lloyd•  Lodge Grass•  Lolo•  Loma
•  Lonepine•  Loring•  Lothair•  Malmstrom A F B
•  Malta•  Manhattan•  Marion•  Martin City
•  Martinsdale•  Marysville•  Mc Allister•  Mc Leod
•  Medicine Lake•  Melrose•  Melstone•  Melville
•  Mildred•  Miles City•  Milltown•  Missoula
•  Moccasin•  Molt•  Monarch•  Moore
•  Mosby•  Musselshell•  Nashua•  Neihart
•  Norris•  Noxon•  Nye•  Oilmont
•  Olive•  Olney•  Opheim•  Otter
•  Outlook•  Ovando•  Pablo•  Paradise
•  Park City•  Peerless•  Pendroy•  Philipsburg
•  Pinesdale•  Plains•  Plentywood•  Plevna
•  Polaris•  Polebridge•  Polson•  Pompeys Pillar
•  Pony•  Poplar•  Powderville•  Power
•  Pray•  Proctor•  Pryor•  Radersburg
•  Ramsay•  Rapelje•  Ravalli•  Raymond
•  Raynesford•  Red Lodge•  Redstone•  Reed Point
•  Reserve•  Rexford•  Richey•  Richland
•  Ringling•  Roberts•  Rollins•  Ronan
•  Roscoe•  Rosebud•  Roundup•  Roy
•  Rudyard•  Ryegate•  Saco•  Saint Ignatius
•  Saint Marie•  Saint Regis•  Saint Xavier•  Saltese
•  Sand Coulee•  Sand Springs•  Sanders•  Savage
•  Scobey•  Seeley Lake•  Shawmut•  Shelby
•  Shepherd•  Sheridan•  Sidney•  Silver Gate
•  Silver Star•  Simms•  Somers•  Springdale
•  Stanford•  Stevensville•  Stockett•  Stryker
•  Sula•  Sumatra•  Sun River•  Sunburst
•  Superior•  Sweet Grass•  Teigen•  Terry
•  Thompson Falls•  Three Forks•  Toston•  Townsend
•  Trego•  Trout Creek•  Troy•  Turner
•  Twin Bridges•  Two Dot•  Ulm•  Valier
•  Vandalia•  Vaughn•  Victor•  Vida
•  Virginia City•  Volborg•  Warm Springs•  West Glacier
•  West Yellowstone•  Westby•  White Sulphur Springs•  Whitefish
•  Whitehall•  Whitetail•  Whitewater•  Whitlash
•  Wibaux•  Willard•  Willow Creek•  Wilsall
•  Winifred•  Winnett•  Winston•  Wisdom
•  Wise River•  Wolf Creek•  Wolf Point•  Worden
•  Wyola•  Yellowtail•  Zortman•  Zurich

Essay FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What are Essay, Research Paper, Dissertation and Other Types of Paper?

Types of Essays

An essay is a short paper focused on a single idea. The idea is usually presented using an introduction, a body with several points backed up by evidence, and a conclusion. There are several different types of essays.

– Argumentative Essay

In an argumentative essay, the writer takes a stance on a certain point and uses evidence and rhetoric to convince their reader. Read more...

– Definition Essay

For a definition essay, the writer will define a particular word, idea, or broader concept. Read more...

– Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays require the writer to give a complete description of something or someone. Read more...

– Choice Essay

When writing a choice essay, you’re asked to make a choice or take a position on a topic. Read more...

– Classification Essay

A classification essay requires the writer to classify objects, ideas, concepts, or people into categories based on traits. Read more...

– Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay asks you to take two (sometimes more) objects, concepts, or people and look for similarities and differences between them. Read more...

– Evaluation Essay

For an evaluation essay, you’ll be asked to evaluate your topic. Read more...

– Explanation Essay

The main point of an explanation essay is to give a thorough explanation of a topic or concept. Read more...

– Expository Essay

An expository essay is similar to an explanation essay, but it goes a little further. Read more...

– Sequence Essay

A sequence essay focuses on the order in which something happens or happened. Read more...

– Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is written in story form but is based on real events. Read more...

Research Paper

Research papers are longer, more in-depth essays.

Other Types of Papers

– Coursework

Coursework is all of the work you do for a particular class. Read more...

– Case Study

A case study takes one subject, such as a person, a group of people, a business, or some event, and gives a thorough report on it. Read more...

– Critical Thinking / Review

Critical thinking or review writing is similar to an evaluation essay. Read more...

– Dissertation / Thesis

In some places, the terms dissertation and thesis can be used interchangeably, while in others there are some differences between the two. Read more...

– Presentation or Speech

For a presentation, you’ll usually prepare a slideshow or some other type of visual on a topic. Read more...

– Article Review

An article review paper requires you to read an article and then write about it. Read more...

– Research Proposal

In science, history, and other research-based classes, you’ll often be asked to write a research proposal before beginning a research project. Read more...

– Homework Assignments

Homework assignments are part of your regular coursework and can cover an array of assignments. Read more...

– Discussion Board Post (DBP)

Some classes have a discussion board for students to discuss various topics in the class. Read more...

– Lab Report

In your science labs, you’ll have to write lab reports. Read more...

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