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By | December 17, 2021

How to Write a Brilliant Argument Essay

An argument essay is a type of academic writing task that requires a writer to defend a certain position on a topic with the help of evidence. This evidence may come in the form of literature, historical examples, personal experience, or scientific research. It is aimed at supporting the author’s viewpoint and most commonly writer needs to defend his/her point of view using several different arguments.

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Preparing to write an effective argument essay

When you are planning your argument essay, you should begin with evaluating different sides of a problem. A writer is required to evaluate a number of sources and collect data that supports various points of views on the topic to make an adequate and objective decision about which side to take. Don’t forget to take notes while reviewing the sources and outline the main arguments you are going to use in your argument essay.

Writing your argument essay

  • Introduction. The introduction of your argument essay should catch the audience’s attention. An argument essay can begin with statistics, facts, or quotes that reference to the issue of a paper. Providing statistics and facts, don’t forget to use reliable sources and include them into your bibliography. The introduction is very important because it has to evoke interest and motivate a reader to read the whole piece.
    Don’t forget to construct a strong thesis statement. The thesis of an argument essay should support your point of view and be debatable. The divisiveness of your thesis is necessary because you are going to include the opposite arguments as well and show that a problem is worth discussion.
  • Theoretical background. The background information is not always necessary for an argument essay. However, it may be vital if you are going to discuss something that is not common and your audience may need to learn more about it to understand the topic better. As a rule, such information includes the explanations of terms and concepts, important historical dates, or the laws. This section is not trying to support the main argument. It provides some information to let the audience understand the topic.
  • Body paragraphs. The body paragraphs serve to explain and support your ideas and your central point expressed in a thesis statement. Remember that each body paragraph should have its structure. Include a topic sentence written in your own words and develop your idea with the help quote, statistics, fact, etc. It will support your topic sentence. Each argument should be expressed in a separate paragraph to let the reader follow your train of thought. Don’t forget to include a sentence that explains how this paragraph proves the main point of your argument essay.
    You should provide and support arguments of the both sides in your body paragraphs and conclude that your personal opinion is more adequate and fair than all the others. The main task of an argument essay writer is to convince the audience that his/her arguments are the most convincing.
  • Conclusion. Do not include any new information in the concluding paragraph of your argument essay. Instead, just restate the issue and explain why this topic is critical just like you did in your introduction.
    The other effective way to compose a memorable conclusion is to make your audience think about the truthfulness of your ideas and convince them that they are valid. Closing your paper with a nice illustration of the world as you would prefer it to be will leave a great impression.

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